We offer a range of fresh New Zealand meat and our butchers in the shop can cut your meat to your preference.


Waikanae butchery meat Cafe Bacon and Streaky Bacon
We have the very popular Streaky Bacon and Café Bacon available. Dry Cured Bacon is sold by the slice. Bacon bones are available.


All Hams are born and raised in New Zealand and are gluten free.
We have a variety of hams, from Ham on the Bone, Kassler Ham, Rolled Ham, Nitrate free and Champagne Ham.


All our beef is from New Zealand. We use Prime Steer, this means top meat provides top steaks.


In a country with 26 million sheep, New Zealand’s love affair with lamb is far from over.
Our Lamb is born and raised in New Zealand. We do all the standard cuts you are familiar with; our butterfly leg of lamb is very popular for the BBQ.
We regularly supply Hogget for those who appreciate more flavour and can cut to your needs.


We sell free range chicken, we offer, whole chickens to thighs and breasts and we have crumbed and stuffed chicken available. We also sell whole ducks and duck legs.


Our venison products are all New Zealand sourced. Venison is a great lean meat, we offer whole steaks, back steaks, diced and minced venison. We have farmed venison and subject to availability, wild venison.


Waikanae butchery meat Award winning Pork Sausages

Waikanae Butchery’s most requested sausage is our Award-Winning Pork sausage.
We have a large variety of sausages using beef, lamb, pork, and chicken.


We make a range of continental sausages which are smoked using woodchips and made to traditional European recipes, these sausages are gluten-free.


Waikanae butchery meat Handmade Salami
We make a dry cooked salami which allows you to age and dry it in your fridge for an authentic salami flavour and texture.


We make a traditional European Black Pudding it is extremely popular and is gluten free.
Our White Pudding is traditionally made with chicken and cream.
Black and White Puddings come in the traditional Horseshoe, or in sliced rounds.


Our turkeys are free range and come from the South Island of New Zealand.
Our turkeys are sold frozen; however, we can thaw them for you by arrangement.


We have diced and bone in wild goat cut for curry size available.
Fresh and frozen goat is subject to availability; however, we do our best to maintain stock levels.


We make traditional Haggis. We make them in the following horseshoe sizes.

  • Small 350grams in a natural casing
  • Medium about 1kg in a lambs appendix
  • Large about 3 ½ to 5 kg in a lamb stomach.
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